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September 23rd 2006 - At Avebury there were plenty of Autumn Equinox celebrations this year.
It was a beautiful sunny day and there were plenty of visitors enjoying the beautiful stone circle at Avebury.
We were lucky to be able to follow the Loyal Arthurian Warband's wonderful celebrations of the Autumn Equinox
or Alban Elfed

Avebury Summer Solstice pics 2010

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Avebury stone circle
gathering in the stone circle

Autumn equinox procession Avebury

Avebury stone circle

King Arthur led the Autumn Equinox
procession around Avebury
stone circle.
King Arthur Pendragon

King Arthur Pendragon
receives a blessing from
the Priestess at
Alban Elfed
Equinox blessing

Members of the gathering
receive a blessing at the
Autumn Equinox

Autumn equinox celebration

Avebury Autumn Equinox

A crowd gathers on this sunny
afternoon to celebrate the
Autumn Equinox at Avebury

mabon circle celebration

Equinox circle

Avebury peace circle

Giving peace to the four Quarters

May there be peace in the North;
May there be peace in the South;
May there be peace in the West;
May there be peace in the East.
May there be peace throughout the whole world.

Druid Blessing

Autumn Equinox music

music and poetry fills the circle

Autumn equinox celebrations 2006

Autumn sunbeams fall on the
Avebury stones, as the Equinox
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