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1. The cloud appreciation society
A wonderful site for those who simply love clouds! If you are one of those who prefer clouds to perfect blue skies join this enthusiastic group for only £3+ p&p and get a funky badge, certificate and regular emails with the latest cloud news. Site includes fantastic gallery of cloud pics - especially love the 'clouds that look like' section - take a look at the bear juggling a duck! There are also poems, paintings, cloud of the month and cloud chat...up up and away!
A new fun cloudspotting book is just out - see review
2. CouchSurfing
Fantastic buzzing site that is becoming really popular amongst travellers, helping make connections all over the world and enabling them to surf other members' couches - for free! Couchsurfing features profiles of people across the globe, offering their couches to travellers for the price of washing the dishes or emptying the rubbish.
Safety is the obvious priority for travelling - and the site gives members vouched for or verified ratings, basically ensuring that a member is who the say they are, and there is feedback from other couchsurfers.
At the last count there are 82670 Couch Surfers, from 202 countries, the average Couchsurfer's age is 27yrs - but there are 9 members aged 80- 89 ! Couchsurfers' aim is to:
"To internationally network people and places, create educational exchanges, raise collective consciousness, spread tolerance, and facilitate cultural understanding."
...and have loads of fun in new places.


3. Duirwaigh
The name, in Gaelic, means 'doorway'. There is a lovely free film - 'A knock at the door', beginning with the question, 'When was the last time you...?' It is evocative with rich artwork and lilting Irish music - 'go on - leap, soar, explore - when imagination knocks - open the door.'
There's also a 'Guardian: Cemetaries and their Sentinels' trailer to a new book - full of marvellous Gothic images of the angels and statues that guard the dead in cemetries - doesn't sound a bundle of laughs but it is very special, once again lovely music (this time by Secret Garden) accompanies the stunning photos - very affecting. There are also lots of beautiful prints, cards, calendars, ornaments, magnets, figurines featuring faeries, gothic images and goddesses available to buy.
4.  Maharaji
This is both a calming and thought provoking experience from Prem Rawat, known also by the honorary title Maharaji. It contains his poetic excerpts accompanied by his music. Take one, two or three minutes (you can choose how long the message lasts) to ponder life as it rushes past.

bare foot

5.  Barefoot doctor
Colourful and fun site of the well-loved Observer columnist and author the Barefoot Doc - he's been on tv too, prescribing holistic solutions for the problems of modern life. His approach is very positive and empowering. The site has regular musings from the doc, healing and inspiring mantras and chill out ambient radio.
BarefootDoctorWorld has recently been updated and has launched a new forum - to access this and loads of other fun resources - online meditation sessions, the doc's personal journal, barefoot tv, nutritional help, archives of columns and pics - you need to join as a member.  

crop circle photos

6. Circlemakers
Whether you firmly believe that crop circles are the work of 'outside forces', providing special spiritual experiences on the chosen sites or think it's lots of blokes messing about with planks in the dark - the results are pretty stunning. This site provides a fascinating look at some of the best circle-makers and reveals their 'stalk stomping' secrets. The mystery and the mythology surrounding crop circles will no doubt continue, some of the designs are out of this world...

The Meatrix

7. The Meatrix
The entertaining award-winning flash animation movie about the meat you eat.
The Matrix inspired film manages to be satirical yet poignant, and the site provides lots of info about factory farming, action you can do to change things and helpful organizations.

Avebury stone

8. Megalithic
The Megalithic Portal is a brilliant interactive site on megaliths and prehistory and is crammed with tons of fantastic photos, articles, news, downloads, new discoveries and forum. There are lots of Stonehenge and Avebury pics. The Megalithic Map is excellent for finding megalithic and prehistoric sites in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. An interesting find each time you visit ...and revisit.    


9.  Knowth
Brilliant site if you are fascinated by the Megalithic Passage Tombs of Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, Fourknocks, Loughcrew and Tara - all situated in the beautiful County of Meath on the east coast of Ireland.
There is a wonderful archive of Winter Solstice sunrise pics and some stunning aerial photos of the passage-tomb, plus great background wallpapers.  

Glastonbury festival

10. Glastonbury Festivals
Great for all the news on the favourite festival - photos, news archives, maps and reviews of past festival bands - is not responsible for the content of any other sites listed.
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