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Sacred Space and Green Fields

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Sacred Space

Sitting amongst the 19 stones of the star-aligned Stone Circle - based on the constellation of Cygnus the Swan - at the top of the festival site is a great place to chill after the efforts of putting your tent's fun all the way now.

Glastonbury stone circle

Glastonbury stone circle

sacred space
glastonbury sacred space
Glastonbury festival 2004 fence
Glasto signpost

Lovely mud - it's good for the skin

Green Fields

Discover the spirit of Glastonbury festival with alternative experiences, entertainment, healing, art and amazing sculpture.

Green fields
Glastonbury 2004 garden
Glasto flower power
Glastonbury craft field

magic mushrooms
Green fields spider sculpture

it's behind you, Mr.Muffet

Glastonbury mud sculpture

Glastonbury puddle

There are two ways to do a muddy Glasto
- walk bravely on in your flip flops or take to your wellies!

Glastonbury spider sculpture
Glastonbury angel
Greenpeace field
Green fields crafts
Glastonbury juggler
Glasto flowers
Glastonbury wicker man

Glastonbury Wicker man

The Glastonbury Wicker man lay resting, then rose and joined hands with the Wicker woman this year to gaze down from the Green Fields towards the main festival site.
The end of the Glastonbury festival is marked with the burning of the Wicker man - an exciting yet chilling moment for fans of the brilliant film 'The Wicker man'.

The Wicker Man
Glastonbury wicker man and woman
Wicker man
Glastonbury music
Lost Vagueness
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