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Glastonbury Festival Pictures 2004 3

Glastonbury Theatre Fields

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Glastonbury theatre kangaroos

shame there's no Rolf to bounce to this year

theatre fields daleks

daleks ex..ter..min..ate

Glasto kangaroos

anyone seen Skippy?
Glasto theatre horse

a horse...a kingdom for a...
Glastonbury girl guides

Glastonbury Guide camp
Glastonbury tea ladies

Glasto tea ladies
glasto theatre bushes

Are Bush playing Glastonbury this year?
glastonbury hippies
Where were you while we were getting high?
Glastonbury theatre hairdressers

Festival hair- dressers
Glastonbury festival haircut

Hippy hair
Glastonbury theatre bicycle

Glasto theatre reaches new heights
festival theatre

Festival theatre fun
Glastonbury festival high

Lost vagueness
Glastonbury fairies

Glastonbury fairies
Michael Eavis

Michael Eavis in traditional mud pose

for the grassy green fingered

Glastonbury Tipi Field

Tipi  field
Glasto Tipi field is a brilliant place to chill in the sunshine - or shelter in the cosy tipis in the rain. Sit around the central fireside and enjoy the entertainment, stories, chat and atmosphere - experience the ambience and spiritual roots of Glastonbury festival.
Glastonbury tipis
Tipi field Glastonbury festival
tipi field
Glastonbury tipi
Tipi field
Tipis gathering Glastonbury
Tipi field
Glastonbury tipi field
painted tipi Glastonbury
Glastonbury acrobat
Glastonbury revellers

Tipi field
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