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The Glade and Left Field

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Glastonbury glade

Glastonbury glade

The Glade Glastonbury

anyone seen Skippy?
festival police

a horse...a kingdom for a...
Green fields crafts
Dance tent
Glastonbury festival 2004 sunset
Glastonbury sunset
Ballroom dancer
Ballroom Lost Vagueness

The Left Field
music, politics, debates, beer
...we CAN change the world

Tony Benn debate Left field

Tony Benn oozed confidence and clever retorts at his
debate on George Bush.

Red Flag bar

Red Flag bar
Leftfield workers' tower

Left field worker's tower
Leftfield workers' tower
Left field Glastonbury

The 70ft high steel tower - entitled 'working together' - in the entrance of Left Field, symbolising the global struggle
for social and economic justice - looked stunning lit up and rotating slowly at night.

Tony Benn

Tony Benn at Glastonbury
Tony Benn book signing

Glasto regular
Glastonbury festival 2004
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