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Glastonbury Festival Pictures 2004

Glastonbury Theatre Fields 

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Theatre Fields

Experience exciting and bizarre performances in the Circus, Cabaret and Theatre - jugglers, knife throwers and swallowers, fire eaters, escapologists, bull fighters, Cornish tea ladies, female gardening dads, bubble girls, tall flamenco dancers and the rain man - that's before you start on the weird stuff!

theatre fields balancing juggler
Glastonbury Theatre fields

portable toilets
Glastonbury festival portable toilets - only for the brave!
theatre bubble girls

Bubble girls
theatre bullfighters

Bullfighting theatre at Glasto
theatre flamenco dancers

Feeling slightly stilted
rambling hikers

Glastonbury travellers

Lovely mud - it's good for the skin

tall  flamenco dancers

I can see for miles and miles...
tall footballer

me too!
gardening dads

Got any Glastonbury grass?
emergency medics

Mobile festival first aid
rain man

it's always raining

old boy

I've been coming to the Pilton festival since 1971

theatre spider

There's wonderful wildlife in the Somerset countryside
cornish tea ladies

Cup of festival tea, dearie?
Theatre field

Entertainment finds you in the theatre fields
Glastonbury theatre

We should get a good view at the Pyramid stage
theatre performer

The fun goes on...
night theatre

...into the night.

kids field

Funky Glastonbury wizard hats?

kidz field

No! It's the Kidz Field

 mud glorious glasto mud

Glasto mud
Glastonbury rain

Just a Pilton shower
Glastonbury toilets

Festival long drops

Glastonbury poo tanker
The glade

Rave from the Glade
Glasto music

Festival funk
glastonbury camping

Now...where's our tent?
the party is over until next year

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