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Glastonbury Winter Solstice

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The Winter Solstice 2006 at Glastonbury Tor

22nd December 2006 - the weather is cold and very foggy as we begin our climb up the Glastonbury Tor, ready to welcome the Winter solstice sunrise.
You could not make out the silhouette of the tower until we reached the very top of the Tor. The fog swirled around us and the usual magnificent view over Glastonbury was nowhere to be seen. Our gathering grew as dawn approached. There was singing, drumming, trumpeting, a circle celebration and drinking of celebratory mead as we all celebrated the return of the sun and longer days from now on - but the sun remained hidden in the fog!

Happy solstice to all!

Glastonbury Tower
Glastonbury Tower
Glastonbury Tor druids
The Druids arrive ready for the solstice ritual
waiting for the solstice dawn
Waiting for the solstice sunrise on Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor in fog

It's a foggy winter solstice on the Tor this year

misty Glastonbury solstice

The Glastonbury tower is dated around the 14th Century, and the cave beneath the Tor was believed to be used by hermits since the 7th Century

Glastonbury winter solstice 2006

The Glastonbury Tor can be seen from miles around, and there is usually a magnificent view - not this morning!

Druid trumpeter
Where is the sun on this winter solstice morning?

Glastonbury Tower
Solstice meditation at the Tor

solstice sunrise

Everyone looks to the east for the solstice dawn

waiting for solstice dawn

It's getting brighter, but the solstice sun can't break through the fog

Glastonbury Tor winter solstice 2006
What light through yonder Tor breaks?
Glastonbury Tor winter
We could be back in time celebrating the solstice like our ancestors
solstice dancing

Singing, dancing and drumming to celebrate the arrival of the winter solstice - it helps to keep warm too - it's freezing!

winter solstice druid ritual

Druids prepare the solstice ceremony

Winter solstice ceremony

The solstice circle join hands and welcome the sun

Happy Winter Solstice 2006

Glastonbury Tor December 2006

Glastonbury Tor - Winter Solstice 2006

Happy Winter Solstice !

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