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Glastonbury Festival Pictures 2003

Greenfields - Healing Field

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Arriving at's a long slog to find a good pitch
Glastonbury tents

The best festival sites soon fill up
Time for a refreshing beer...sit outside a bar and soak up the atmosphere...and rays

festival cheer

Glastonbury giddy

Glasto art

Painted Love

healing field


Festival tipis

Healing Field

A cool tranquil place to get into the healing and spiritual side of the Glastonbury festival - try a massage, tai chi, homeopathy, aromatherapy, reflexology or meditation.
Come join the dances and celebration of life.

Tipi field pixie

Cool campers in tipis - love the hat!

Chilling out

Flower power

Flower power

Chill under the Glasto flowers

Green fields

Lots to see and do in the Healing Fields

Glasto standing stones

Enjoy the view in the Sacred Place

Avalon lake

The Lady of the Lake is not just a legend
in Glastonbury's Vale of Avalon

healing field folk

Festival fun

Glastonbury Stage

Peaceful music stage