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We took an Easter break in Goa - a beautiful part of India and a deliciously hot escape from the April showers in UK.
We hired a nippy Honda 125 bike and travelled around Goa, from the lush banana and spice plantations to the miles of deserted golden beaches.
Goa is the travellers' paradise - lovely friendly locals, fantastic low priced food, hot hot sun, golden sand and blue clear seas...


New Age Places - Goa pictures (2)


Goa temple

Goan temple
temple in Goa

Colourful temple in Goa
Goa temple flower seller

Flower seller outside the temple
temple procession Goa

Preparations for a procession from
the local Goan temple
temple celebrations preparation

Processional cart is nearly
ready to go.
marigold sellers

Marigold flower garlands are
sold near the temples to be
used in worship as an offering
to the deity.
temple offerings

Near to the temple they are busy
making sweets for use by worshippers
as offerings to the gods.
market day in Goa

vegetable and fruit market
Karnataka trader

Lamani woman from Karnataka.
Dressed in a traditional tribal outfit.
market night

The markets in Goa go on
through the evening
Goa souvenir coconuts

Goan souvenir


Goa is covered with beautiful shady, palm trees - the coconut palm is used in drinks, cooking, soap and cosmetics. The fragrant oil always reminds me of holidays.
The husk, coir, is made into rope, the palm tree trunks are used in building and the leaves are plaited to make roofing. The sap makes a fierce local liquor called feni - if you're lucky you should see the amazing skill of the locals climbing up to the top of these tall trees to extract the potent juice.
The Cashew trees also yield a yellow fruit which is used to make the pricier 'cashew feni' - it resembles tequila in taste, the resulting hangover is as rough as the drink!

Goa chillies

Red hot chillies at the local Goa
fruit stalls Goa

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts

Local town in Goa
sleeping dog

Only mad dogs and Englishmen go
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