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Ibiza is a beautiful island with a lovely 131 mile-long coastline and more than fifty beaches. The Mediterranean climate brings an average 10 -11 hours of glorious hot sunshine from May to September.

Ibiza Clubs

Ibiza is the clubbing capital of the world - home to the most famous clubs:
Amnesia, Eden, El Divino, Es Paradis, Pacha, Privilege (inc.Manumission), Space. The dance season starts in mid-June and continues to early October. You'll not miss the giant billboards on the way from the airport, or the flyers and posters advertising the DJ line-ups and club nights.

Pacha is the one club on Ibiza that opens all year round, and it's the favourite club of the Ibizans.



New Age holidays - Ibiza Spain - pictures (2)

New Age holidays - Ibiza - pictures (2)

Hippy market - Es Canar

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Es Canar

Every Wednesday the hippy market
brings the bargain hunters to Es Canar
Ibiza music

Alternative entertainment from this
didgeridoo player

Ibiza artist

Great works of art in seconds from
this spray artist

bongs for sale


hair-braiding Ibiza

Hair braiding

hippy clothes

colourful prints

Es Vedra

The legend of this limesone colossus is that this is the remains of Atlantis and that Odysseus was lured here by the Sirens. Tanit, the Carthaginian love and fertility goddess is supposed to dwell inside the rock. The only human inhabitant, a Carmelite monk, reported seeing strange lights and visions (UFOs nowadays).

At the base of the cliff is an old quarry where hippies have apparently experienced visions of Buddha, and decorated the cave with symbols. The cave is inhabited by a witch, according to folklore , and you must leave a personal item at the cave's entrance for luck.

Local fishermen have reported their compasses and instruments go mad when near the island. Only goats, lizards and birds live on the magical isle of Es Vedra.

Es Vedra

The island of Es Vedra, rising from
the waters off Cala D'Hort
pirate's tower view of Es Vedra

View of Es Vedra and smaller islet
Es Vedranell taken from the
'pirate's tower'.


This beautiful, unspoilt beach lined with tall pines, on the northwest coast of Ibiza is a brilliant place to watch the sunset. The surrounding area is protected from development.
Legendary in Ibizan hippy folklore as the place to party in the 60's, bongo playing sometimes accompanies the stunning sunset. Most drumming tends to happen on Sundays.

This used to be the in place for full moon parties. The Day of the Drums takes place around August 28th, at the full moon, when crowds of sarong-clad bongo players play tribal rhythms through the night from sunset to sunrise.

Many say that Goa's trance parties grew out of Ibiza's full-moon celebrations, and acted as a catalyst for the West-Coast hippy movement.

Benirras cafe

A palm-fringed cafe is a
good place to be during the sunset
Benirras sunset

The rock is supposed to resemble
a praying woman
Benirras sundown

Ocaso (Spanish for sunset!)
Ibizan church
Ibiza town
Ibiza yachts
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