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New Age Top 5 Books

New Age Top 5 Books

Magic Bus - Hippie Trail

1. Magic Bus: On the Hippie Trail from Istanbul to India - Rory MacLean
July 2007 ISBN: 0141015950 £6.99

The author retraces the hippie trail of the sixties and seventies, visiting such infamous places as the Pudding Shop in Istanbul and Chicken Street in Afghanistan. The book reveals a cultural and social history, and is fascinating for those who trod the silk road and also for those of us who are too young to have enjoyed the hedonistic sixties.

The world has sadly changed and the shangri-la of then, is now the war zone of today. This book is well written and is a gripping read. We will never experience the excitement that the 'Intrepids' enjoyed as they discovered a new and secret destination - the world has now been mapped. 3.99

The Kite Runner
2.The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini
Jun 2004 ISBN: 0747566534 £3.94

This is a heart-wrenching but very uplifting story of friendship, betrayal, loyalty and redemption, set in the war-torn location of Afghanistan. The author grew up near Kabul and his descriptions conjure up a vivid picture of his homeland, as his epic tale covers lives across two continents. The narrator is Amir and the story begins with his memories of 1975 when he was 12 years old. The novel covers the war and destruction, but focuses on Amir's relationship with his best friend, Hassan, and his undemonstrative father. We read of love, betrayal, fear, guilt and atonement. Amir is tormented by guilt and we follow his journey to redemption and the day he flies his kite once more.

3. The Sound of Butterflies - Rachael King
March 2007 ISBN: 0330449168 £9.09

This a beautifully written and exciting first novel that starts gently and builds to a gripping read. Set in Edwardian times, the prim and stifling society is sharply contrasted to the wild, uncontrolled Brazilian jungle, which Thomas Edgar visits as part of a scientific expedition. His speciality is butterfly collecting and he seeks a legendary rare specimen, which he hopes will bring him fame and fortune. Unfortunately he returns home a ruined man, made mute by some traumatic experience. The story is related by Thomas and his wife, Sophie, giving their view and emotions on the past months from their exchanged letters, journals and memories. The descriptions of the steamy, dangerous jungle are vividly described and this book is best read with a cool drink at hand!


Wicker man

4. The Wicker Man - Robin Hardy, Anthony Shaffer

April 2000 ISBN: 033039018X £5.49

If you enjoyed the cult 1973 film 'The Wicker Man' you'll find the book really interesting, and if not you'll be dashing off for the video as soon as you've finished. The 2006 re-make film doesn't come close to being as good.
The Wicker Man story is of a Highlands' policeman searching for a missing girl on the remote Hebridean island of Summerisle. We gain much more insight into Sergeant Howie's character and life in the novel, and the book really captures the island atmosphere and the horror that lies ahead. The devoutly religious policeman from the mainland finds the older Pagan beliefs of the locals unacceptable but sensual at the same time. It's fascinating too to be able to read the words of all the songs.

The  Cloudspotter's guide

5. The Cloudspotter's Guide - Gavin Pretor-Pinney
April 2006 ISBN: 0340895896 £4.08

If you like to spend dreamy times gazing upwards at fluffy clouds, this is a book for you. The Cloudspotter's Guide is the inaugural publication of The Cloud Appreciation Society and is a fun and informative tour of the sky. The book tells you which clouds foretell good/ bad weather and even earthquakes; explains the derivation of the various cloud names, such as cumulus and mackerel; illustrated with loads of wonderful cloud pictures and photos.
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