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Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2004

The Summer Solstice was on Monday 21st June 2004 at 00.56 - with the main celebrations happening around sunrise at 4.45am. The weather was a bit cloudy and cold, but dry like last year - unlike 2002. There was a great atmosphere in amongst the magical megaliths, even if we had to wait an extra 30mins for the sunrise to emerge from a low bank of cloud
- it was well worth it ... 
Stonehenge car park

Time to leave the car park and walk through
the dark fields to the stones
Green man

The Green man got here first
Stonehenge police

The force is with us
fairy queen

Titania awakes on midsummer's night
Stonehenge circle

Into the stone circle
Stonehenge drumming

Drumming in the Stonehenge dawn
standing stone

Stonehenge standing stone
Stonehenge trilithon

Towering trilithon

Stonehenge megalith

Massive megalith

Do you come here often?
Stonehenge circle


Feel the Stonehenge energy
stonehenge solstice

Stonehenge summer solstice 2004

Towering trilithon

Look up
Stonehenge solstice

It's a long night even for fairies

Stonehenge summer solstice

The people's temple
Stonehenge solstice

Waiting witch
Stonehenge lintel

Sacred stones
Stonehenge prehistoric temple

English Heritage's 'ambient' lighting...
Stonehenge sarsens

Somebody turn the light out!
Stonehenge solstice dawn

Stonehenge prehistoric temple

Stonehenge sunrise

Dawn begins over the Heel Stone

solstice dawn

It's coming...
Stonehenge sunrise

Excitement builds...
Stonehenge dawn

Welcoming midsummer's day

Summer solstice dawn

The longest day nearly dawns

Stonehenge lintels

Blue skies up ahead
summer solstice 2004

Here comes the Stonehenge dawn
thro' the clouds
solstice 2004 sunrise

Midsummer dawn
Stonehenge midsummer's day

Above the clouds the sun rises
Stonehenge solstice

HELLO...I'm at Stonehenge...

summer solstice 2004

Solstice dawn over Heel Stone

Dawn rises over the Heel Stone

Heel stone sunrise


Stonehenge summer solstice sunrise 2004

Happy summer solstice

Stonehenge solstice 2004

Stonehenge summer solstice
summer solstice

Time for the stones to be fenced in again
midsummer's day

Shine on solstice sun

Back to reality and the car park
Stonehenge car park

Sunny ride home