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Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2006
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Thanks to Faron Scott for the following fab photos see Faron's 2005 solstice pics
This was my second Solstice at Stonehenge and I think that almost everything I said in my last ‘review’ stands true this time, apart from the weather. In 2005, the sun was visible at 4.58am and was met with cheers and whistles and the customary blowing of horns. In 2006, however, we had cloud, rain and wind to contend with. It wasn’t until 5.58am that the clouds finally moved aside and gave us the sunshine that we were all waiting for.
There were slightly fewer in number present for the celebrations, due to the inclement conditions that befell this year’s longest day. Rain fell regularly through the night, but this did nothing to dampen the spirits of most of those who attended.
Due to the late arrival of the sun that morning, a larger group was gathered in the stone circle for music and dancing. Many different instruments were to be heard and everyone was definitely in high sprits as the sky suddenly became blue and the rain clouds all but disappeared.
The only thing that spoiled the celebrations was the reluctance of some people to leave the stone circle at 9am and then to see a line of security staff having to almost physically remove people.
That aside, it was another unforgettable experience and I shall definitely be returning in 2007!
I have some more pictures that I hope have captured the spirit of the Solstice.

Faron Scott (Melksham, Wiltshire) 
Stonehenge solstice morning approaches
solstice silhouettes
solstice sky
from dusk 'til dawn
Stonehenge crowd
4.58am, but where's the sun?
solstice party
It's cold, but there's a solstice to celebrate
look east
waiting for the sun
solstice circle crier
A final announcement
solstice didgeridoo
Partying solstice style
midsummer's day
5.58am and the sun decides to show
Stonehenge sarsens
This is what we came here for
summer solstice Stonehenge 2006

and then there were blue skies - Happy solstice 2006

Thanks to Paul Owen for this great pic of The Philae Obelisk at Kingston Lacy House, Dorset - June 2006

Philae Obelisk

This stunning obelisk is 22 ft tall and weighs 1200 lbs. The toppled red granite obelisk lay on Philae Island, south of Aswan, Egypt, until in 1815 Sir William Bankes brought it back to his estate, at Kingston Lacy House, Dorset. The obelisk is inscribed with ancient hieroglyphics denoting the name of Ptolemy IX, his wife and sister.