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Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2007 pictures

Thanks to Carrie for her great photos from her visit to Stonehenge on June 22nd 2007 (the day after the solstice) was the most amazing experience for myself..
cheers and hope you all enjoy this.


Stonehenge circle

All is calm again after the excitement of the Summer solstice

silent stone sentinels

Stonehenge sky

Stonehenge morning clouds

Thanks to Ray and Teri Hasnip for their super pics

We traveled from Alberta Canada to be in Stonehenge for the Solstice. The energy there was absolutely fantastic. We hope to come back within the next few years to do it again!

Stonehenge sunset

Stonehenge Solstice eve Sunset on the 20th

stonehenge solstice artist
A local Salisbury artist sketches the stones

solstice moon

The photographer under the solstice moon

Stonehenge crystal ball

A solstice party-goer gazes into his crystal ball
Druid and Teri
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