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Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2007 pictures

20-21 June 2007 - Stonehenge Summer Solstice

Well, this was my 3rd Solstice at Stonehenge. As I approached at 2.45am, I couldn’t believe how busy the place was already. The weather certainly didn’t deter anyone and it seemed that a lot had probably arrived for the Solstice Eve Sunset, as the stones were accessible earlier this year.

Everyone had to go by their timepieces to tell them when it was ‘sunrise’ time, as the ever-increasing cloud cover put paid to seeing the sun come over the horizon at 4.58am. At 4am the sky looked ready to give us what we were all hoping to see, but then the leaden clouds swept slowly across and told us that just wasn’t going to be. Numbers were up from the previous year’s celebrations, but it was quite surprising to see the long trail of people walking back to the car park at only 5.30am.

The clouds lifted shortly after and meant that the rain was kept at bay while the music and dancing continued inside the great megaliths.
It all seemed to go quicker this year, due to having to leave the stone circle at 8am. As this was earlier than last year, there seemed to be more of a reluctance for people to depart, but most of those who attended were in celebratory mood. There seemed to be more of the solstice spirit contained within those that turned up this year. And even after being there for a 3rd time, the wonderment that I felt from my first visit is still there.

It is such a unique gathering of a wide range of people from all walks of life and it’s an experience that, in my eyes, is unparalleled elsewhere.
With that in mind, I will be back again next year, without a doubt.

Hope you all had a happy solstice and here are some pictures that go to sum up the Solstice experience.
Faron Scott (Melksham, Wiltshire)


Stonehenge summer solstice 2007

The revellers mingle

Stonehenge solstice music

Let the music play

Solstice flower fairies  wearing solstice wreaths

Solstice observers

midsummer party

The party in full swing

Stonehenge  druids

Happy Solstice

stone circle bongos

musical discussion

solstice music

They came, they played

Summer solstice 2007 Stonehenge

4.58am - the dawn light