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Winter Solstice

December 22nd 2003, 8.15a.m. The sun is at its most southerly point in its travels.
Time to celebrate the dawning of the shortest day and longest night at the midwinter sunrise.

Neolithic Chambered Long Barrows, such as Stoney Littleton, in the Cotswolds, are a wonderful place to experience a winter solstice, as the sun shines through to the end of the long passage, into the centre of the barrow.

Our ancestors welcomed the sun bringing energy, fertility and rebirth to the earth. Sacred sites can revive feelings of oneness between the earth, sky and man.
The solstice is the perfect moment to welcome back the sun and look forward to longer, golden days. Sun Times

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Winter solstice 2003
Winter dawns
Here comes the sun
The sun rises on the shortest day
Winter daybreak
A new Winter's day
Winter solstice 2003
Welcome Winter 2003
We celebrate the Winter solstice round the fire

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