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Winter Solstice Stonehenge pictures (1)

The Winter Solstice 2004 was on Tuesday 21st December 12.41p.m
There was Open Access at Stonehenge for the sunrise at 8.03a.m

Open Access for the 2004 Winter Solstice at Stonehenge began at 7.30a.m. There was no car park open on the English Heritage site, so everyone used the nearby lanes and any available lay-bys surrounding the stones. It was all very different from the heavy security and police presence at the Summer Solstice in June - much more relaxed, due to the smaller amount of people - the temperature tends to deter many at this time of the year!
Instead of around 30,000 people as in the summer we were amongst a small band of about 300.

It was easy to reach the centre of the mighty stones - no massive crowds, instead lots of room to stand and stare in awe of the massive megaliths. Luckily there was no rain as the dawn approached, but it was very cold. Most of the crowd was well prepared with thick coats, scarves, gloves and enveloping blankets.

We were led by a wonderful druid with some peace and love chants - the atmosphere was great. Then a hand-fasting ceremony was held and others followed this with dancing and bongo playing. A lone Japanese woman did her own celebratory singing between the trilithons, some hugged stones, whilst others just enjoyed being in the magical circle of the people's own temple.

The sky began to gradually change colour as dawn approached, but the cloud prevented us seeing the actual sun rise on the Winter Solstice morning. It didn't seem to matter though - most of us left the gathering feeling spiritually uplifted, generally energised and filled with a feeling of well-being - glad to be alive on such a magic morn!

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Approaching Stonehenge

Stonehenge Winter Solstice
The Winter Solstice crowd gathers
within the sacred stone circle

Stonehenge solstice
Stonehenge's sihouetted trilithons
Winter Solstice Stonehenge
It's good to see the stunning
Stonehenge sarsens again

Stonehenge pic


Stonehenge picture


Stonehenge circle
The Winter Solstice crowd wait within
Stonehenge's inner circle

Stonehenge druids

The druids arrive in the circle

Stonehenge solstice druids

Druids lead the chanting as dawn

Stonehenge dawn ritual
The Winter Solstice sunrise nears

Stonehenge winter solstice

Stonehenge solstice dance

Stonehenge druid blessing

Blessings to all this happy solstice morn

Stonehenge solstice

The Stonehenge solstice dawn vigil

Stonehenge solstice ritual

Stonehenge Winter Solstice ritual

Solstice dawn

The Stonehenge sky begins to change

Stonehenge sunrise pic

Our ancestors have gazed east
thro' Stonehenge's portalsportals

Winter Solstice Stonehenge 2004

Winter solstice 2004

Stone circle

The Winter Solstice rocks
at Stonehenge

Stonehenge trilithon

Winter Solstice December 2004

Stonehenge dawn

The solstice day breaks
in the People's Temple

Stonehenge sunrise

Stonehenge dawn

Solstice 2004

Where's the sun?

Stonehenge Winter Solstice 2004

Stonehenge solstice crowd look east

Stonehenge solstice

It's light but where's the solstice sunrise?