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Winter Solstice Stonehenge pictures

The Winter Solstice 2006 was on Tuesday 22nd December 00.22 a.m

Shame they only opened it for an hour, and a shame it was foggy, but the atmosphere and the people made up for it!!!
(oh yeah and when I say it attracts all sorts, I only say that because it is me I'm taking the mic out of!)

Thanks to Wolfie for these great midwinter henge photos

Stonehenge solstice mist

There they are!
solstice at Stonehenge

The Winter Solstice attracts all sorts!!!
Stonehenge solstice  circle

Even the child senses it's something special (or is just falling asleep!)
Stonehenge dawn

We come from far to share an occasion altogether

sunrise at stonehenge winter solstice 2006

Time to say goodbye 'til the Spring Equinox
Some great pictures from Stonersmurf capturing this year's foggy winter solstice from inside the mighty Henge
winter solstice Stonehenge 2006
Dawn breaks at Stonehenge
solstice sunrise
Stonehenge picture, England
Stonehenge circle
Stonehenge sunrise
Stonehenge engraved menhir
Stonehenge in the distance