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The Winter Solstice at Stonehenge 2004

Written at Stonehenge

Thou noblest monument of Albion's isle!
Whether by Merlin's aid, from Scythia's shore,
To Amber's fatal plain Pendragon bore,
Huge frame of giant-hands, the mighty pile
T' entomb his Britons slain by Hengist's guile:
Or Druid priests, sprinkled with human gore,
Taught 'mid thy massy maze their mystic lore:

Or Danish chiefs, enrich'd with savage spoil,
To Victory's idol vast, an unhewn shrine,
Rear'd the rude heap: or, in thy hallow'd round,
Repose the kings of Brutus' genuine line;
Or here those kings in solemn state were crown'd:
Studious to trace thy wondrous origine,
We muse on many an ancient tale renown'd.
Thomas Warton the younger, 1777

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Stonehenge winter sostice
The Winter solstice dawns
behind the clouds

Stonehenge - 21st December 2004

Stonehenge circle

Standing stones - Stonehenge

Giants' dance

The Giants' Dance
winter solstice Stonehenge
Standing stones
Stonehenge lintels
Stonehenge daybreak

Stonehenge Slaughter stone

Stonehenge Slaughter Stone

Slaughter stone

dew-filled Slaughter stone

Stonehenge megalith

Stonehenge sarsen

Stonehenge traveller

Stonehenge travellers

Stonehenge trilithon

Stonehenge trilithon

Heel Stone Stonehenge

View of Heel Stone

Stonehenge prehistoric temple

Stonehenge Prehistoric temple

Stonehenge megaliths

Stonehenge megaliths

Stonehenge stones

Stonehenge fallen stones

Winter Solstice Stonehenge

Stonehenge Winter Solstice

Solstice Stonehenge

Amongst the magical
Stonehenge megaliths

standing stones Stonehenge

Towering trilithons Stonehenge

Stonehenge Solstice morning

Winter solstice morning

The People's Temple
The People's Temple

Stonehenge stone circle

Stonehenge Open Access

Stonehenge solstice

Winter Solstice celebrations are
over for another year
Stonehenge druids
Stonehenge druids

Stonehenge solstice ritual

Stonehenge solstice rituals are over

Stonehenge picture

Stonehenge in the morning mist

Winter solstice Stonehenge

Stonehenge Winter solstice ends

Stonehenge landscape

Stonehenge landscape

Stonehenge fence

Stonehenge fenced in ...
until the Summer Solstice!